Odor Seal Pail

Odor Seal Pail

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Odor Seal can be used in all areas that produce odors.  Home, office, automobile or boat.  Use to eliminate tough pet, cooking, smoke, vomit, decay and musty mildew odors.  Odor Seal can be used in HVAC systems to eliminate odors caused by mold and mildew.

Industrial Applications:
Sewage Treatment Plants, Garbage Dumpsters, Trucks and Chutes, Restaurants, Landfills, Public and Portable Toilets, Compost Facilities, Zoos, Kennels, Holding Tanks, Fisheries.
Odor Seal is also en effective degreasing agent.  Excellent for use in restaurant grease traps.  It has also shown the ability to revive oil wells.

Why Odor Seal?

  •   Removes Odors 
  •   Separates Oil & Water
  •   All Natural Cleaner
  •   Effective De-Greaser