Motor Max (Coolint System Booster)

Motor Max (Coolint System Booster)

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One of the most neglected parts of today’s modern and advanced engines is the cooling system. Most vehicle owners do not pay enough attention to the temperature at which their engines run. High heat causes not only poor performance and inefficiency, but can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

 Motor Max used in a 1:15 ratio with any engine coolant dramatically improves the cooling system performance. Keeping your engines temperature in check not only extends the life of the engine and cuts down on maintenance, but also dramatically improves its performance and cuts down on overall emissions.

Whether driving your family car or operating a heavy piece of equipment, Motor Max is your key to maximum cooling system and engine performance.

Why Motor Max?

  •   Prevents Overheating
  •   Enhances Performance
  •   Prolongs Engine Life
  •   Reduces Emissions