1.5 GL Cold Fire Extinguisher

1.5 GL Cold Fire Extinguisher

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 The Cold Fire 1.5 gallon (aprox 6 liters) fire extinguisher unit is great for medium to bigger fires and used at racetracks, fire departments and police forces around the world. Extremely easy to use and refill. All you need is Cold Fire agent, water and compressed air.

Dimensions- Height: 14" / Diameter: 6 1/2"

Aprox charged weight: 22 lbs

What's Included

  • Comes stock with a standard aspirating foaming type nozzle and hose assembly that can reach up to about 20 feet (when charged to specification).
  • The unit is NOT sold charged, with product or water. 
  • Refill Agent, Brackets / Mounts, Additional Nozzels are ALL SOLD SEPERATLY.

How to Refill

  • Fill with 5 quarts of water.
  • Add 1 quart of Cold Fire agent (Recommended Usage).
  • Secure that the cap is closed tightly.
  • With compressed air, charge the bottle to the PSI that is recommended on the unit.
  • You are Done!

(Can work with all types of water if in emergency situations)

How to Use

  • Pull the safety pin.
  • Give a quick squeeze to the handle to make sure unit is working properly.
  • With one hand squeezing the handle the other aims the nozzle.
  • Spray at the base of the fire in a sweeping or rotating motion to make sure you are covering all areas.
  • Keep doing this until fire is extinguished.

Safety Recommendations

  • When possible always fight fires with the wind to your back.
  • Try not to get within 3-4 feet.



This particular unit is not approved for police/military use, please call for more information.